Don’t Give Up…..

Just another thought on persistence and the will to write until you succeed…

D – DETERMINATION IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Think about writing with the same determination you use to refuse that extra helping of chocolate cake!

O – ORDINARY PEOPLE ARE SANE. That means you’re crazy – mad as a hatter in March. Accept it, and move on. I mean, why else would you slip into something comfortable and sit in front of a computer every chance you get?

N – NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Does a brain surgeon lift the scalpel, then hesitate? Does he think, can I do this? What if I fail? Should I have taken up horse training like my Uncle Bert?

T – TRUST IN YOURSELF. Deep inside where it really counts, you know you’re a writer and that you will make it one day. Your name will be in lights – well, on a paperback cover at least.

E – ENTHUSIASM LEADS TO SUCCESS. What if Newton’s mother had said, Keep your feet on the ground, son. You get much too excited over falling apples.

V – VICTORY ABOVE ALL ELSE. Don’t waste those rejection slips. Recycle them into how-to books.

E – EVERY WRITER HAS A GOAL. To be published. To be a bestseller. To finish the damn book. Accomplish one, then move on to the next one.

R – REQUIREMENT — ENERGY. If you find yourself flagging, then grab an energy boost! You can find it from lots of handy sources. Drinking milo twice a day. Green vegetables. A walk around the block. Talking to like-minded people online or at conferences. Or, if desperately in need of a boost – stick finger in light socket.  😉

G – GREAT BOOKS COME FROM EVEN GREATER CHARACTERS. Do you remember your weird Aunt Mabel? The one your mother refuses to talk about? Or that girl from school who was never allowed to play and always wore chiffon blouses under her uniform . . .

I – IDLE HANDS MAKE MISCHIEF. Of course active hands lead to arthritis. Take your pick.


E – EGG IS WORN ON THE FACE. Maybe because we’re constantly searching for the bacon.

U – UNDERSTAND THIS – NOTHING TASTES SWEETER THAN SUCCESS. I read this somewhere so it must be true.

P – PEGASUS.  If a damn horse can fly, surely we can all get published!

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7 Responses to Don’t Give Up…..

  1. CJ Archer says:

    Hi Iris, this is fabulous advice! Especially the bit about bacon – everything tastes better with bacon. Or chocolate. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Iris,
    Great advice, I can relate to every word of it. I am so pleased you are up and running on Amazon now. Mega sales because you deserve it.



  3. margtanner says:

    Hi Iris,
    Great blog, I can relate to every word of it. Glad that you are now up and running on Amazon. I wish you mega sales becase you deserve them.



  4. Sammy Laurence says:

    Do you mind if I print this out and pin it above my writing desk?

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