About Me

I live with my husband, Michael, in the Yarra Valley a grape growing area, about fifty kilometres North East of Melbourne. Mystery and romance, whether in books or movies, has always been a favorite of mine. I have many fond memories of Saturday afternoons spent at the local cinema, watching all the old romantic comedies. Love always won out, no matter what the odds.

I’m also something of a drama queen and, as a kid, I not only used to make up stories, but  would play them out with my friends. And I was certain that one day my prince would come–that he’d rush up on his white steed and whisk me off to his grand old castle (lavishing me with with diamonds along the way, of course).  Well, he came – only there was no castle and certainly no diamonds, and it was a one-bedroom flat. Life can be funny like that, sometimes.

I began my working life as a junior typist at Rola Loudspeakers in Richmond where I made my entrance by locking myself in the stationery room, spilling the boss’s coffee over his desk, and then unplugging him from an important overseas call. I’m totally surprised he didn’t fire me! And of course, being only sixteen and all hormonal, I fell madly in love with one of the junior draftsman who worked downstairs. When my boss asked me to take down some papers, I knew it was my chance to impress. So I fluffed my hair and spruced up my lippy, all the while running the scenario through my mind; I’d swing open the half-glassed doors and stand there–bewilderingly beautiful–and Eddie (the boy in question) would fall madly, deeply in love. All went to plan except for one thing–no one warned me they’d taken the glass pane out of the door. I went to push it open and fell straight through instead, dangling over the wood like a collapsed puppet. Eddie never did ask me out.

But the love of acting never went away.  I joined a non-professional theatre group where I acted in musicals (because I was tall enough to fill in empty spots, not because of the quality of my voice), and comedy, where I mainly played the dumb blonde roles (hmm there’s a message in there somewhere). I have dabbled in oil painting but could never master the 3D effect and my subjects remained flat almost cartoon-like. So, threw down the brush and picked up the pen (so to speak).

When it comes to reading, I love mystery, murder, and mayhem. Among my favourite authors are Robert Bloch, James Patterson, and Stephen King.

All of which is probably why I wrote what I write–mysteries with a touch of romance and the odd bit of mayhem  🙂