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An Outback Affair
Available April 8th 2013

Cassie will fight to the end to keep Sam, the nephew she has raised since her sister Claudia was killed in an automobile accident. Sam’s uncle, Joel Caine, has other ideas. He wants to share Sam. Trouble is Joel lives on an outback station in the heart of Western Australia, nearly 2000 miles from Victoria where Cassie and Sam live.

Cassie is adamant that she can’t be parted for six months from four-year-old Sam. Joel stands firm. He wants Sam and he’ll have him. Sam is heir to a fortune, and there is Joel’s sick mother to consider. How can Cassie refuse Sam his father’s family?

They come to an agreement. She will come with Sam for a few weeks on the horse station. Get him used to the idea of spending half the year with his uncle in the outback and the other half with his aunt in Melbourne. Trouble is she’s scared that once Joel has Sam on the station, he won’t let Sam go. And how can Cassie fight Joel on his territory where he’s lord and master of his domain?

And another thing, how can she fight her growing attraction she feels for the tall and totally hot Joel Caine?

Cassie’s life is turned upside-down and the question is, will she ever be able to right it again?

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taste of honey

Here’s the blurb:

    • Charli Honey is a career girl, until she meets her new boss, William Knight. She can’t resist him – result? She’s pregnant with his baby. William Knight will want to do the right thing by her and their baby, but does Charli want to be married to a man who doesn’t love her? Will doesn’t realize how much he loves Charli until he nearly loses her. But how can he convince her that he isn’t just trying to do the right thing?

And the best news yet, is it’s available now!

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Looking for Prince Charming
release date 2/7/2012

Glory Sandrin is looking for her Prince Charming. She’s in love with Edoardo Pisani, her fellow lawyer and boss, but Edoardo is definitely not the man for her. He changes women as often as he changes his shirt. So when Edoardo asks her to be his “pretend” girlfriend, Glory’s first instinct is to run for the hills. But her friend’s job relies on her helping Edoardo out. Can she be his girlfriend for a few short weeks and remain sane?

Edoardo Pisani has been burnt badly by marriage; it’s now off his list of things to do. He likes his life the way it is, and no sassy blonde will convince him otherwise. He wants to be Lord Mayor of Melbourne and needs a “nice” girl for a few short weeks. Trouble is, Glory has a way of getting under his skin.

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If I Should Die
A Sebastian Hawk novel

release date 7/6/2012.

Sebastian Hawk is a senior detective with the International Prevention of Crime group, and a man tormented by the brutal murder of his wife. And he’s facing an opponent who will go to any length to get what he wants; a man whose brutal methods will revive the wounds still festering deep inside of Hawk.

When Dr. Kim Lee–a scientist recently credited with developing a formula that might lead to an end of aging–and his wife are murdered, it falls to Hawk to protect both the Lee’s children and Mickey Delinsky, their terrified guardian. But the killer is still out there, and he’s coming for Micky, because he believes she now has what he wants.

Can Hawk keep Micky and the children safe? And where the hell is the formula if it’s not in Mickey’s possession?

As the race begins to find it, the similarities between the murders of the Lees and his wife mount, and Hawk begins to believe that he might at last get the retribution he’s long wanted.

But there’s only way way to flush out this killer, and that’s to use the woman he’s beginning to care about as bait.

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